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When installing a home’s drainage system, it is strongly recommended to also install drainage inspection chimneys to facilitate inspection as well as cleaning. With these in place, you can periodically check the condition of your drain without having to dig any trenches. This system is highly recommended for buildings in areas prone to iron ochre, in order to prevent drain-clogging problems.

Silt accumulation in the drains depends on the soil characteristics, the kind of drain it is and how it was installed. Installing chimneys makes the drain system easier to maintain which is more economical over the long-term!

Use our company to install drainage chimneys so that you are able to better protect your foundation drain by checking it regularly.

In fact, with a drainage chimney system, you can do a high-pressure drain cleaning much more easily.

Also, if you ever have to detecting the cause of a leak or an obstruction, a camera inspection can be done via the drainage chimney without having to unnecessarily destroy your system to pinpoint the issue.

You can therefore identify:

  • Leaks
  • Grease build-up
  • Obstructions

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